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Card. Carlos Aguiar: I place women in high positions since they offer a different perspective

Cardinal Carlos Aguiar was recently in Rome. It was his first trip after starting his job as archbishop of one of the largest dioceses in the world, Mexico City. He says his priority there is to "open spaces," so everyone can collaborate.

Archbishop of Mexico City
"May we open spaces where the collaboration of all the institutions of consecrated life can enter into a convergence of pastoral processes, remaining in their spheres, but for there to be communion. We need not only effective communion, that is, to love ourselves and others, but operative communion, that is, to act walking together."

One of his first decisions was to appoint a woman as spokesperson. In his other dioceses he also counted on women as trusted collaborators, for example in vocation ministry.

Archbishop of Mexico City
"I understand the characteristic personality that every woman has, and the great contribution, the benefit of having a woman on the side presenting a perspective you do not see, that which you do not appreciate, and where your sensibility doesn't go, but theirs does."

Carlos Aguiar, 68, was president of the Latin American Episcopal Council from 2011 to 2015. In 2016, Pope Francis named him cardinal.