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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: You're either with God or devil, not both

Pope Francis dedicated nearly 20 minutes to greeting the thousands of pilgrims present in the square. There were very emotional moments, like when this elder was deeply moved. 

The Holy Father also greeted dozens of babies and some of the ill.

In his catechesis, the pope explained various elements of the sacrament of Baptism, such as the significance of the water and renouncement of Satan, which he said must be a strong decision. 

“There are some people who we don't know whose side they are on, and they always manage to be graceful but not clear. What we say about them is, 'This person is good with God and the devil.' It's true. We say this. And no. This is not possible. You're either with God or with the devil.”

Pope Francis said both the renouncement of Satan and the profession of faith through which one adheres to Church doctrine must be strong. 

“I renounce, that's how one responds. You don't say, 'Yes, yes, I renounce,' in an anonymous way or, 'We renounce.' I renounce. Me. At the same time, faith in the Church is professed by saying, 'I believe.' I renounce and I believe. This is the basis of Baptism.”

During the greetings in various languages, the pope mentioned the Polish Caritas initiative that is collaborating with a group of Syrian youth to spread awareness of the poor and refugees. The project promotes volunteering and assisting “victims of persecution in Syria.”