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Rome Reports

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Pope to Neocatechumenals: Take this family atmosphere to places without affection

The pope met with some 150,000 members from the Neocatechumenal Way, who celebrated 50 years of their presence in Rome. They came from 134 countries to spend this anniversary with Pope Francis.

They were introduced by countries by Kiko Argüello, who in 1964 started this journey with Carmen Hernández. She died in 2016, but to remember her, her photo was near the pope.

"Thank you for your 'yes' for having accepted the Lord's call to live the Gospel and to evangelize. A big thank you to those who started the Neocatechumenal Way 50 years ago."

Among the participants, were 34 groups of families and a priest for each group that will go to cities with fewer Catholics around the world. 

"It is easier to stay at home, surrounded by those who love us, but it is not the way of Jesus. He sends us: 'Go.' What counts is not convincing arguments, but a life that attracts; not the ability to impose oneself, but the courage to serve. You have in your “DNA” this vocation to proclaim life as a family, following the example of the Holy Family: in humility, simplicity and praise. Bring this family atmosphere into the many desolate and unconcerned places. Let yourselves be recognized as the friends of Jesus. Call everyone your friends and be friends to all."

Then the pope blessed 34 crosses and gave them to the 34 priests who will travel to the mission lands in countries like Korea or India, and in areas of North Africa.

Among the participants was Ascensión Romero, who joined Kiko Argüello a few weeks go, and Fr. Mario Pezzi who is on the international team that coordinates the Neocatechumenals.