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Pope writes to Chileans: It is not enough to renew the ecclesial hierarchy. Let's all get involved

The pope sent this letter to Chilean Catholics. It is sincere and spiritual, in which he gives thanks to the victims of abuse who did not surrender when they were not believed. He asks Catholics to help the Church renew itself.

Pope Francis acknowledges that the main mistake in this crisis has been not knowing how to listen to the victims, so partial conclusions were established.

The text does not delve into any specific measures he will take or if he will expel any of the bishops. But, it says “The renewal of the ecclesial hierarchy for itself does not generate the transformation to which the Holy Spirit impels us. We are required to promote together an ecclesial transformation that involves us all.”

Therefore, he asks for help by and active participation of the laity.

He says that we must "generate spaces in which the culture of abuse and cover-up is not the dominant scheme; where a critical attitude and questioning are not confused with betrayal." Also where “exchange, discussion, and confrontation are welcome” so communities are free from “closed, self-referential thoughts full of promises and mirages that promise life but ultimately foster a culture of abuse.”

It is an invitation to recognize the problems of abuse, whether sexual, related to power, or conscience, since these problems may be more ingrained in the culture than it initially seems at first glance, and need the help of everyone to be resolved.