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Pope asks children from outskirts of Milan to always remember their first teachers

These children from a school on the outskirts of Milan came to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis, with all their emotion written on their faces.

They awaited the pope with hundreds of white balloons, and he went to speak to them as soon as he got out of the car.

Once in the Paul VI Audience Hall, the pope demonstrated his natural skills with the little ones.

"Are you able to remain silent?"
"And now... Are you able to make some noise?"

Then the questions began. The pope took a liking to some, which seemed a bit more original than others. 

"I wanted to ask you a question: Do you remember what your teachers were like?"

"My first teacher was called Estela. "She was good, and taught us to write, to read... she was very good. Later, when I left school I always remembered her. Remembering our first teacher is very important, because they are the first ones that pushed us to go forward in life, right?"

Then came the time for gifts.

"You all are creative. Thank you!"

"These things are wonderful because you didn't buy something to bring. You made it yourselves. Do you understand? It is important because you made it with your intellect, your hands and with your hearts. When something is done with these three things: intelligence, hands and heart, it is something profound and human."

Before leaving, the pope joked with them and said that of all the questions they had asked him, there was one in particular that he liked.

"There was a very interesting one. Do you want me to tell you? All of you asked good questions, but near the end, one who was here near me asked, 'But when do they give us lunch?' That was very interesting!"

After they had a good time, the pope blessed them and wished them a good afternoon. Although it was not easy for him to say goodbye to them.