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Rome Reports

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Benedict XVI meets the 14 new cardinals

After being named cardinals, the 14 and Pope Francis boarded two buses to go visit pope emeritus Benedict XVI. 

Pope Francis was the first to greet him, before each of the cardinals met him one-by-one.

Archbishop of Huancayo (Peru)

“I'm from Peru, and am very grateful for what you told us in Aparecida in 2007.”

Prefect, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

“Thank you for what you sent me on the Eucharist. Thanks so much, thanks so much.”

António dos Santos Marto
Bishop of Leiria-Fátima (Portugal)

“Greetings from Fatima. Yes we remember. Thanks so much for your...”
“Say hi to everyone.”

Georg Ganswein, prefect of the papal household, was even swatting gnats during the conversations. It was especially evident when Benedict was recalling Cardinal Becciu's new role in the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints. 

Substitute for the Secretary of State
“So, the saints.”
“The saints, yes.”
“A beautiful phase.”
“It is the most beautiful.”

While speaking, the cardinals carefully held his delicate hands. Some managed to kneel before him, as a sign of respect. 

Archbishop of Karachi (Pakistan)

“We need your prayers. Remember us.”

At the end, all the men joined in the Salve Regina song, before saying their goodbyes to the pope emeritus, who also mustered up a slight wave.