Card. Angelo Becciu: In seminary I went into crisis. You realize what being a priest means

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Angelo Becciu is one of the Vatican diplomats who has worked at the Holy See for the most time, since 1984. He is from a small town in Sardinia, Italy, and never imagined that one day he would become a cardinal.

'I entered the seminary, because as a child I dreamed of being a priest. I liked what priests did, how the young priests helped in our parishes. In the seminary, one grows and a moment of crisis arrives. 'Should I continue or not?' You realize what it means to be a priest. It means giving up your life.'

Angelo Becciu worked at many nunciatures for the Holy See, including the United States and France to the Central African Republic and Sudan. He was a actual nuncio in Angola and Cuba. In 2011, he returned to Rome to work as Substitute of the Secretary of State. During this time, he experienced some difficult times like the Vatileaks case.

Days before the Consistory in which he was named cardinal, he confessed that it was one of the hardest moments in his life. He also reflected on the reform of the Curia.

'It seems to me that the C9 has given instructions so the apostolic Constitution that sustains the whole reform can be drawn up. It is still too early to judge, because it is not yet finished.'

In 2017, Angelo Becciu was appointed the pope's delegate to help bring order to the internal crisis within the Order of Malta, one of the largest Catholic humanitarian organizations.

Now he is preparing to leave the Secretariat of State position to take charge of the Vatican dicastery closest to Heaven: the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

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