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Vatican unites experts from 150 countries to save the planet

Three years ago, the pope published his encyclical "Laudato si'" to include each person in the care of the environment. Although many steps have been taken, it is still not enough.

For this reason, the Vatican has held this meeting which will show the planet's critical situation and how to act before it is too late.

Prefect, Dicastery for Integral Human Development
"The pope asks a rhetorical question: What world do we want to give those who come after us, to children, to teenagers? He challenges us to change course, because he is convinced that things can change."

The point is to remember that the environmental crisis is already taking its toll. Children, women and minorities are paying the consequences in areas such as food, health and emigration.

Dicastery for Integral Human Development
“There was a priest from the Solomon Islands. He told me Father, we just lost our church, we lost our cemetary. We had to literally transfer the bones of our ancestors. So these people are already facing the impact.”

Dicastery for Integral Human Development
"We want there to be a joint effort between normal people and also experts, who work on issues of climate change, forestry issues, the economy, how to fight poverty, because that will give a richness to the dialogue. Laudato si' is the first encyclical directed not only to people of good will, but to every inhabitant of the planet. This is everyone's problem, so we need everyone's participation."

The conference unites world experts to demonstrate positive experiences that are already bearing good results and that are easily imitable. 

Prefect, Dicastery for Integral Human Development
"In our dicastery, we no longer use plastic materials. We will send some suggestions to the Secretary of State and the Vatican government with ideas and concrete measures such as these, to respond to current demands."

The conference will be held in the Vatican between July 5 and 6 and the pope plans to meet with them on Friday.

The meetings will be attended by representatives of the Vatican and Catholic institutions, as well as indigenous peoples, Greenpeace and the United Nations. The idea is to join forces and to propose small and large gestures that can save the planet.