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Sodalitium Member: It is important to purify everything that needs to be purified

Fernando has been a consecrated person with the Sodalitium of Christian Life since 2001. He is 36 years old and is the superior of one of the houses the institution has in the Eternal City.

He recognizes that they have gone through difficult times since the scandal of abuses came to light, perpetrated by its founder, Luis Fernando Figari.

Sodalitium Christianae Vitae

"With the discovery of what our founder has done, there is still a great shame and an awareness of many things that had to be changed and probably many others that still need to change." "It is important to make an examination of conscience, to purify everything that needs to be purified and to become more Christian, to convert even more."

In 2016, Sodalitium condemned Luis Fernando Figari's behavior. He is considered guilty of all the abuses attributed to him and a persona non grata. Currently the Vatican is accompanying Sodalitium's renewal process through a delegate "ad nutum," with Cardinal Joseph William Tobin, and an apostolic commissioner, Bishop Noel Antonio Londoño.

Sodalitium Christianae Vitae

"I believe the commissioner's work is also a beautiful gesture from God, and it will bring good things. He offers a view from the outside and not only from the inside, which excludes prejudices that unfortunately exist, and that enriches us."

The Sodalitium of Christian Life was started in Peru in 1971. It is a society of apostolic life made up of lay people and priests.

Fernando became acquainted with them when he was 16 years old; and at 19, he decided to consecrate himself. He assures that, the way to move forward with the institution's work, present in nine countries, is for each member to remember why and who they decided to give their lives for.

Sodalitium Christianae Vitae

"When all this came out, I even received proposals from my family to give me a job; they are very generous. From many points of view, it would have been more comfortable for me to leave. But it's not about where I'm more comfortable, but where God wants me to love others. I believe the work is good. If I continue here it is because I see God moving in my life, in the lives of my brothers, and in the lives of the people who come to the community. I do not deny all the bad; I do not deny everything that has been anti-evangelical; but I believe that this work is something desired by God."

This work is made concrete through the young people, in schools, universities and in helping the most needy. For example, the consecrated Sodalitiums of Rome, like Fernando, help young people organize these missions for the most needy in countries like Peru and Ecuador.