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Pope Francis to interrupt vacation for consistory

On July 19, Pope Francis will interrupt his vacation to preside over an ordinary consistory with cardinals. At the encounter, the Holy Father will announce the canonization date for a beatified Italian. 

Blessed Nunzio Sulprizio was born in the eastern Italian coastal city of Pescara in the early 19th century. Orphaned as a child, Sulprizio began working as a blacksmith with his uncle. However, he suffered from poor health and died at the young age of 19. 

He has been called the patron of the disabled and blacksmiths. 

Pope Francis confirmed his canonization in June. Some speculate the ceremony will take place during the Synod of Bishops in October, one that focuses on the youth. 

As the Holy Father usually rests during the entire month of July, he is believed to have more motives for calling the consistory. Some say he may name candidates for the next Camerlengo as well as Cardinal Dean, though the cardinals will do the electing.