Habemus Papam: podcast on all popes

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Do you know who was the next pope after St. Peter? Do you know which pope was kidnapped by Napoleon? Do you know how many Polish popes there have been? 

“Habemus Papam” hopes to resolve those questions. It is a new series created by podcast service “Catholic Bytes” providing weekly podcasts on the lives of each pope, from St. Peter to Pope Francis. 

Executive Director of Catholic CAST Media
“The popes led the Church throughout all of history, so it is a great point of view to get to know them as individuals but also to understand the context of the Church and the world through different periods of time.”

Catholic Bytes is a podcast service that offers short dynamic talks about the faith. The goal of Catholic Bytes is to offer Catholic formation for people on the move with short 10-minute podcasts.  

Executive Director of Catholic CAST Media
“Not everyone has time for a 60-minute podcast on a long commute, when they are stuck in traffic, but most people have 10 minutes during their lunch break to learn something about the faith and pretty much everyone as at least a spare minute of time to learn something about the faith.”

Leslie Knopf is the executive director of CAST, an organization that seeks to evangelize through education and beauty on digital platforms. Catholic Bytes is one of their platforms.

Habemus Papam can be found on the Catholic Bytes Podcast feed featured on the Laudate app and on iTunes.

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