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Unprotected: Contraception and Sexual Revolution

“Unprotected” is a new documentary examining the impact contraception has had on the treatment of women, family and society.

Examining various social studies and how even influential people such as Pope Paul IV, John Paul II, Gandhi and even Sigmund Freud spoke up against contraception as bringing about a perversion to society.

The documentary's director, Don Johnson, was motivated to make this after concerns of the sexual objectification of women, that his young daughters were exposed to through media and other areas of life. 

Director and Writer of “Unprotected”
“I was flabbergasted by the amount of toxicity that young women have to face these days: From the media, from their friends, from their cell phones...” “It seemed like they were constantly told that they exist as sex objects for men...” “My mother, her grandmother, they didn't have to deal with some of these issues. So what happened? What changed in our society that made the culture so toxic for young women today?”

Interviewing various experts such as former women magazine “Cosmopolitan” writer Sue Ellen Browder and Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute, a global non-profit organization that defends the family. They attempt to show the way the media, women, families have been manipulated and affected by the sexual revolution.   

Former “Cosmopolitan” writer
"Helen Gurley Brown had written a little hand out on writing things and she even had guidelines on how to make up an expert...” “I remember one time making up an expert and I just called him a Los Angeles psychologist...” “Young women believed these stories they were just sex fantasies and we they began to live them...”

Founder of the Ruth Institute
“ I don't care what slick ad campaign anybody comes up with, or what kind of propaganda comes down to saying kids are resilient. Eugh! Kids are not that resilient, kids need their own parents and so that was the turning point for me."

Apart from hoping to raise awareness to the historical influences behind sexual objectification of women, Don Johnson also hopes people leave the documentary with a better understanding of what the Church teaches on sexual morality.

Director and Writer of “Unprotected”
“Really about the meaning of love and the meaning of life. I mean there are some deep deep issues that really bring people a lot of joy and happiness if they understand them, that the Church teaches, but a lot of people have either never heard or they just don't understand.”

 The documentary is available for screenings and more information can be obtained on this website unprotectedmovie.com.