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The pope to French priests: The boat of the Church is being beaten by some of its members

Pope Francis had a meeting with the priests from the French diocese of Créteil, who will spend a few days in Rome.

Firstly, the pope reminded them that these are not easy times for the Church.

“We live in a context in which the boat of the Church is being hit by contrary and violent winds, especially because of the severe wrongdoings by some of its members. Even more, it's important not to forget the humble daily fidelity to the ministry that the Lord allows us to live the great majority of those who have given to their Church as priests.”

Therefore, he asked them to be humble priests, aware that their mission is to witness the power of the Resurrection in a wounded world.

“We know that, responding to the Lord's call, we were not consecrated by the gift of the Holy Spirit to be 'superheroes.' We have been consciously invited to be forgiven people, to become pastors like Jesus; wounded, dead and resurrected.”

Lastly, Pope Francis invited them not to be afraid to look at the wounds of the Church, not to complain about it, but to remember that the important thing is to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus.