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Pope will canonize Pope Paul VI and Oscar Romero on Sunday Oct. 14

On Sunday 14, Pope Francis will preside over the most awaited canonizations of this year: Pope Paul VI and Msgr. Oscar Romero.

The ceremony will begin at 10:00 a.m. local time in the Vatican and will be particularly special because of the context: Church representatives participating in the Youth Synod will be in attendance. 

Pope Francis will canonize the Pope who faced both new and old challenges: he helped clarify the relationship of authority between the pontiff and the bishops, highlighted the role of the laity, confronted the doubts raised by the sexual revolution and, moreover; he was the first pontiff to travel in order to be seen outside Italy.

The other anticipated canonization is that of Msgr Oscar Romero. He is a symbol of the Church not allowing itself to be bound by its own benefactors. Romero raised his voice to defend those who were politically persecuted and went against the norm. He was misunderstood by some bishops and, ultimately, assassinated. 

That day, Pope Francis will canonize another five saints. They are Italian Nunzio Sulprizio, who died at 19; priests Vincenzo Romano and Francesco Spinelli and two nuns, Maria Katharina Kasper and Bolivian Nazaria Ignacia de St. Teresa of Avila.