Jim Caviezel, Ron and Gen Verde participate in 'Finding Vince 400' Film Festival

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The “Finding Vince 400” Film Festival has presented films and short films to help youth to take action against every kind of poverty. For four days, its participants have encountered films that have helped them get involved in improving the world. 

In addition to film, one of the festival's events was a performance at a theater in Rome about the saint who inspired the festival, St. Vincent de Paul. 

Performance director
“Doing a charity show in a theatre was a challenge, a beautiful and interesting challenge. It is an idea that I love very much. We do it through words, through great literature, through songs, and through testimonies, because I believe that only authentic witnesses can really transmit the truth of things.”

One of the stars of the festival was Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel, who shared how playing Jesus Christ in the movie “The Passion” changed his life. 

Also performing, were the women from the band Gen Verde. 

Then there was one of the best-known artists on the Italian scene, Ron.

“I believe that beauty really changes things, and continues to change the world. Music changes the world all the time, a word, a thought manages to change the world.”

As they are in Rome for the Synod on Youth, many bishops and young people also attended the event. 

“In our parish, we help people in need. For example, on Saturdays homeless can take showers, and also other projects. Every now and then I go to the parish to take care of homeless children.”

“As John Paul II said, if culture has not been permeated by the Gospel, it means that this nation has not yet been evangelized. And today we say the first battlefield is culture.”

“For example, in Letonia the theatres are always full. It is where we can engage in dialogue with the community.”

“When I was parish priest in 2002, I founded the association of St. Vincent de Paul and we also began to work with young people.”

By surprise, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, who is helping the pope in the work of the Synod, greeted the participants. 

They also heard from Tomaž Mavrič, successor of St. Vincent de Paul, who with this film festival has used today's media to convey his message and spread his concern for people in need. 

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