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Pope in General Audience: Men and women deserve more than lust and infidelity

In the midst of bad weather sweeping through Italy, St. Peter's Square was quite full. The rain held off for the pope to bless many of the children present in the General Audience. 

He then continued his catechesis on the Ten Commandments, highlighting the sixth one: thou shall not commit adultery. 

“Who then is the adulterer, the luster, the unfaithful person? He or she is an immature person, who keeps his or her own life for himself and interprets situations based on his own well-being and satisfaction. So, to get married, it is not enough to just celebrate the wedding! We need to make a transfer from 'me' to 'we.'"

Pope Francis said that true love is spousal, life giving and sacrificial. Thus, it cannot focus only on receiving, but on maturing enough to give love without expecting anything in return. 

“From one's fidelity, tenderness and generosity, we can faithfully look at marriage and every vocation, and understand the full meaning of sexuality. The human creature, in its inseparable unity of spirit and body, and in its masculine and feminine polarity, is a very good reality. It is destined to love and be loved. The human body is not an instrument of pleasure, but the place of our call to love. In authentic love, there is no space for lust and for its superficiality. Men and women deserve more!”

He stressed that this love is not only present in a marriage, but also in other vocations found throughout the Church, such as in priesthood or in consecrated life. 

“In the priesthood one loves God's people with all the paternity, tenderness and strength of a husband and a father. So too for a consecrated virginity in Christ, which is lived out with fidelity and joy, as a spousal and fruitful relationship of motherhood and paternity.”

The pope concluded recalling the Solemnity of All Saints which is celebrated Thursday. He said this holiday assures Christians that God never abandons His people.