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The 10 Instagrams to add Catholicism to your timeline

We spend countless hours scrolling mindlessly through our social media timelines. Knowing this, some accounts on Instagram focus on adding a touch of faith to our feeds. The specialized website “Arguments” publish ed a list of the best Catholic Instagram accounts to follow. 

The first app listed is “Catholic Link.” It publishes helpful info-graphics, motivational phrases and memes, so followers are gently reminded of their faith as they scroll. 

The next two, “Saintips” and “The Fishermen,” were grouped together, since they often share similar content. They were both included because of their adorable cartoon images and funny content centered on Catholicism. 

The fourth is “New Fire.” It is a recent addition to the Instagram world and serves as a guide to understanding the Bible. Many of their posts link to their content on YouTube and other social media platforms. Through the posts, one you can learn about the intricacies of the Church and the Bible. 

The account, “Blessings” comes next, chosen because of it's ability to provoke a smile with every post. This lovely family shares pictures of themselves spending time together alongside inspirational quotes. Their Instagram stories are often educational, aiming to create understanding. 

The sixth is artist Raul Berzosa's Instagram. It displays up-close images of his religious art work. The painter has gained great recognition and his portrait of Tiburcio Arnaiz was used as the tapestry for his Beatification last week. 

Seventh on their list is “Take me backers.” It's an Instagram account with beautiful images accompanied by profound reflections. 

The last three Instagrams “Arguments” chose to highlight are all photography-focused accounts. 

Cathopic is linked to its website, which serves as a platform for sharing stunning religious photos, all available for free download. 

Fray Foto is run by Franciscan Friar Javier Garza and is a place for him to share his photography, as well as life milestones. He makes sure to hashtag every post with #FrayFoto. 

Last, but not least, is Daniel Ibáñez. The Rome-based photographer's main subject is the pope, but also the Church and its members. The October synod has lead to many breath-taking images on his page.

Following these pages can be a refreshing way to revive your timelines.