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Rome Reports

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Hundreds of poor visit field hospital in St. Peter's Square

Last year, Pope Francis launched the first World Day of the Poor initiative. This year, it will be celebrated Sunday, November 19. 

To mark this occasion, doctors, nurses, servicemen and volunteers are assisting homeless people from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in St. Peter's Square. These tents will be set up from Monday until Sunday.

“I needed to visit an optician to get new reading glasses. I had a blood test to check for viruses, and I also had a cough looked at because my throat was sore.”

This tent hospital has eight medical departments. Among them is the dermatology department, where Giulia and Francesco are volunteers. 

Dermatologists, Policlinico di Roma

"Since they are people with social problems and have difficulties finding a place to sleep, they tend to come here with infections that have been present for a long time. They are very polite people, very calm. They are willing and open to talk about their physical and psychological problems.”

"In fact, sometimes they just want to talk, because it's not something they can do every day.”

This project aims to combat indifference toward people in need. At the same time, it seeks to foster the culture of togetherness promoted by Pope Francis.

Secretary-General, Volunteer Nurse Corps

"All medicines come from the Vatican, including frequently used medicines. We are located in a special place, working with respect and under the pope's blessing.”

This “field hospital” will be open until November 19 at full capacity in the heart of the Vatican. This way, for at least a week, the main victims of the throwaway culture will be treated as stars.