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Rome Reports

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Pope invites more than 1,500 homeless people to eat at Vatican

To celebrate the Second World Day of the Poor, the pope held a Mass and organized a special lunch in the Paul VI Hall. It was attended by 1,500 homeless people in Rome. 

This initiative began last year at Pope Francis' request. It aims to end indifference and throwaway culture. As soon as he arrived, the pope greeted the cooks, who were sent from the Hilton Hotel.

Some could not hold back the excitement or their tears when seeing the pope...

To the amazement of those who observed him, the Pope opened lunch with words of thanksgiving.

"May God bless all of us here, each of us. May he bless our hearts, our petitions, and help us move forward. Amen. Enjoy your lunch!"

The pope sat down with them to eat, where they all joked and laughed together. Those who were sitting at the same table as him took pictures and those at the other tables looked at him intently.

Moreover, he even brought with him musical accompaniment.

It was an unforgettable day, especially for those who unfortunately are not used to being treated with equality or respect.