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Advent Calendar. Catholic Christmas preparations come to your phone

Catholics in Sydney have launched the “Advent Calendar XT3” app. It is an Advent Calendar to help one prepare spiritually for Christmas.

While it is aimed at young people, it can be used by anyone who wants to have fun, deepen their faith and remember the meaning of Christmas.

Advent Calendar XT3
“Sometimes we can get tied up with presents and family gatherings and event planning; and all that kind of stuff, which actually acts as a bit of a distraction for the reason why we have Christmas. All of us need to remember that the reason we have Christmas is because Jesus Christ is coming to the world.”

For many Catholics, the weeks leading up to Christmas are a time of reflection to prepare for the feast. This phone application helps them find time dedicated to God. 

In fact, this year's theme is “Finding Myself in Silence.”

Advent Calendar XT3
“The Advent Calendar app is asking us to be able to make time in our busy schedules, to allow ourselves to meet Christ in the silence of our lives.”

It is a virtual calendar that can be accessed through the web or through the Xt3 Advent Calendar application. Once inside the app, clicking a date opens a window with a Gospel reading and a brief reflection.

The first day of the calendar is on December 2. It is now available for free download in the two main app stores, or on the Xt3 website.