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Enrique Shaw, the businessman Pope Francis could name a saint

Enrique Shaw could become the first contemporary businessman and marine to be proclaimed a saint.

He died at 41, after fighting cancer for five years. Fernán Elizalde, postulator of his cause, is in Rome to deliver the documentation that will initiate the Vatican phase of the beatification process.

Cause of Beatification of Enrique Shaw
“He didn't tell anyone he was sick, but he was dying. He battled cancer for five years, but never took medication. When the time came for his life to end, he had to have blood transfusions. About 300 workers from his main factory went to where Enrique was hospitalized, where he was practically waiting to die, and they donated blood for him.”

Enrique grew up in Argentina. He was known for his close relationships with others, especially with his workers. He was interested in their families, was always willing to give wise advice based on the Gospel and gave Bibles to the people he knew, to bring them closer to God.

In an interview for Mexican television, the pope said that Enrique Shaw “was rich, but he was a saint. He managed money well, allowing those who needed help to grow.”

Pope Francis also recognized Enrique at this informal conversation after the General Audience when someone about him.

“This great guy, he's gonna be holy, huh? He's gonna be holy.”

“A great businessman and a great man of the Church. You will see that he will be a saint very soon.”

Cause of Beatification of Enrique Shaw
“With perseverance, with struggle and with battle, we are advancing very well. We are finishing the Vatican phase, and have a possible first miracle in the works.”

In the document “Gaudete et exsultate,” Pope Francis explained that “all people are called to be saints” and that Enrique Shaw would be an example that could fit the profile of what Pope Francis calls “the saints next door.”

Cause of Beatification of Enrique Shaw
“I believe that he is very convinced of this. Apart from that, we believe that a holy businessman does not appear every day. I believe that it is the moment where his impulse can help. He is the model that the world needs, a model for entrepreneurs that are more just, more Christian and more human.”

The documents summarizing his life are already in the Vatican. Now the theologians will have to study them in order to pass their proposal onto bishops and cardinals. If there are no unexpected turns, they will propose that the pope officially recognize his heroic virtues. However, there is no doubt that Pope Francis will accept their proposal.