Laudato si' Challenge seeks ideas to help 10 million refugees

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One of the most interesting outcomes of the pope's encyclical “Laudato si'” is the “Laudato si' Challenge.” Every year it launches a challenge and financial plans to improve the world. 

Its founder explains that last year he searched and found original ideas to battle climate change. This year they focused on forced displacement. They have set out to help at least 10 million refugees in a sustainable and ethical way. 

CEO of Laudato si' Challenge
“His Holiness Pope Francis talks about 'our common home.' We are seeking to sustainably improve the lives of 10 million people who have been excluded from 'our common home.'” 

Oscar Garcia is primarily responsible for one of the companies that has responded to the challenge. It's Uulala, it handles financial operations and payments over the Internet. 

CEO of Uulala
“If you run away from a country because the situation is bad and you have to start your life over again, you shouldn't be treated like a non-human. You need dignity. One of the best ways to give dignity is give them access to financial capabilities, access to their money via Visa, Mastercard.”

“Opes Fund Italia” has also responded by donating 30 million dollars to help companies run by refugees in Italy; and Weathertec Technology will invest to prevent drought in Africa and decrease forced displacements.

CEO of Laudato si' Challenge
“This is technology for humanity. And what good is technology if it is not helping people? So the theme of the challenge this year is 'building bridges.'”

CEO of Uulala
“My mom came into the country with nothing, worked hard to give us just food and I was able to take her dreams and expand them out and build multi-million dollar companies. Why? This is because of her work ethic, so we believe in the mission, we believe that migrants are human beings. We believe that we can change their lives.”

The organizers of the “Laudato si' Challenge” are satisfied because already 12 companies have committed to contribute to this cause. This will allow them to work in 23 countries and directly help more than 12.5 million people. 

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