Hiroshima survivor presents “Flame of Peace” candle to Pope Francis

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This delegation is from Earth Caravan. It is a global interfaith organization wanting to bring peace, happiness and healing to the world. 

They came to Rome to present a Hiroshima “Flame of Peace” candle to Pope Francis, along with this request. 

Girl from Bethlehem
“Holy Father, please will you blow out this flame so there will never again be another Nagasaki, so there will never be again another Hiroshima?”

This candle was taken from the embers of the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945. There is another one in Hiroshima, that will burn until the end of all global nuclear weapons.

Earth Caravan was accompanied by Hiroshima survivor, Setsuko Thurlow. She was 13 years old when the bomb fell. For her, it is important future generations prevent such a tragic event from ever occurring again. 

Hiroshima Survivor
“It is abhorrent morally to commit indiscriminate mass killing of innocent non-combatant [people.]” FLASH “International law does not permit this. The soldiers fight against soldiers, but soldiers do not kill women, children, babies and the elderly.”

The organization wanted to show their support for Setsuko Thurlow by bringing along these young girls carrying the candle.  

Earth Caravan, North American Co-ordinator
“As a symbol we have brought four 12 and 13 year old girls with us to share her wish for the end of nuclear weapons in the world.”

“My daughter and I came to show our support, as part of the Jewish community. So the four girls here are from four different religions and four different countries.”

Earth Caravan was originally started by a Tao Sangha Buddhist community. It uses what tragically happened 74 years ago in Japan to prevent all forms of violence and injustices globally. 

Holy Land Trust, Founder and Executive Director
“So as a Palestinian you might say 'well what do I have to do with Japan and the nuclear weapons there?' However, it has been wonderful as the Earth Caravan has also been able to give me a voice as a Palestinian and my struggle to end occupation; and to bring peace to the Middle East.”

While in Rome they will be also meeting with the Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi; and speaking to school children in Supino as a way of promoting their call for peace across the world.  

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