Director and editorial staff of Vatican's women magazine resign

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The entire editorial staff of the Vatican's women magazine have resigned. According to them, they are throwing in the towel because of a “climate of mistrust and delegitimization.'

Lucetta Scaraffia, director of 'Woman, Church, World,' has sent an open letter to the pope. She laments the return to the “old and arid custom” of some bosses, who are men, asking for reports only from “women journalists they consider to be trustworthy.”

The women's magazine had a big impact when first launched in 2012. It was written only by women and had editorial independence. 

During the years it has published articles on the situation of nuns being used as domestic servants for bishops; and the abuses against them also by priests. 

In response to the resignation, the director of the Osservatore Romano, Andrea Monda says he has given “complete autonomy” to the entire team, but as director has suggested themes and possible authors, leaving the final decision to Lucetta Scaraffia.

Andrea Monda also says that “in no way have I chosen anyone, man or woman, with the criterion of obedience” and that he will continue to publish the women's supplement.  

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