Best images of Pope Francis visit to Morocco

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The pope arrived to Morocco on Saturday, March 30. He arrived back to Rome on Sunday March 31. 

It was a short but historic visit, being the second Muslim country the pope has visited in 2019. During his time there, Pope Francis spoke out against extremism and the importance of inter-religious dialogue as well as welcoming migrants.

He was welcomed by the Moroccan king, Mohammed VI, who accompanied him in his visit to Hassan Tower, Mausoleum of Mohammed V and the Mohammed VI Institute.

They both unexpectedly signed an important statement on the special status of Jerusalem calling for “full freedom of access to the followers of the three monotheistic religions and their right to worship will be guaranteed.”

The pope also visited the Caritas headquarters and clergy in Rabat. He concluded his time there by celebrating Mass in Prince Moulay Abdellah sports complex with thousands of Catholics, from 60 different countries. 

These are some of the images as a reminder of the pope's important encounter with both the Muslim and Christian communities in Morocco. It is the 28th international trip of his pontificate.

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