Pope: Teach young people to manage doubts well so they don't leave after confirmation

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Pope Francis visited the parish of St. Giulio in Monteverde. The church has been renovated after the roof collapsed three years ago. 

The pope greeted the elderly, the sick and Caritas volunteers. He also responded to difficult questions such as these proposed by Carlotta. She is 20 years old and is preparing young people to receive the sacrament of Confirmation.

Carlotta asked the pope for advice on how to deal with doubts that arise during difficult moments in life.

Pope Francis said that doubt is not a bad thing as it is an opportunity to give convincing answers that help reaffirm one's faith.

“As someone responsible for those who will be confirmed you need to teach them to 'doubt well.' This is because if they do not learn to doubt, they will receive confirmation as some Romans call it 'the sacrament of farewell.' After confirmation, they celebrate and then are never seen again. They leave because they don't know how to deal with doubts.”

“I don't know if I've answered your question. Do you want me to say something else?”

“We and the young people were asking ourselves if you, who are the greatest representative of the faith, have ever experienced strong doubts in your life. If there are moments that have really put you to the test? How did you manage to resolve them?”

“I've had so many doubts, many, so many. In the face of calamities, but also in other moments in my life. How did I manage to get out? I think I didn't get out of it alone. You can never get out of doubt alone. One needs the company of somebody to help them move forward.”

Pope Francis said the important thing is to show one's heart to Jesus as it is. Whether it is content or sad, happy or bitter; and not to be afraid to speak to Him about these situations. He said that sooner or later one will recognize Christ.

After the questions and answers session, Pope Francis celebrated Mass and dedicated the altar of the newly restructured parish.

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