Pope visits Alzheimer patients by surprise

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Pope Francis fulfilled one of his traditions the “Friday of Mercy.” On this occasion, he visited people suffering from Alzheimers in a residence on the outskirts of Rome.

The residence is called Villaggio Emmanuele. The people in charge of the center told the pope it is a place structured like a small village, where each person is valued and has a specific role.

Pope Francis wanted to draw attention to the conditions of these sick people and their families. This is because they are often abandoned to their own fate without sufficient social and institutional support.

The pope greeted as many people he came across; and with much tenderness embraced as well as blessed them. 

He surprised these patients in the midst of their daily therapies. They responded to Pope Francis' surprise by showing him their affection.

“You're very kind. I love you very much.”

They kept repeating that this visit from the pope was like receiving a miracle. 

Before leaving, Pope Francis gave them these gifts: a written blessing, that he also read to them, and a painting of the Blessed Mother with baby Jesus.

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