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Pope Francis: There is no “self-made man” in the Church, we are all indebted

Pope Francis passed quickly in the popemobile to greet pilgrims. He blessed those present and tenderly embraced some of them.

It was probably the biggest General Audience of the year. During his catechesis, the pope spoke about forgiveness. He recalled that the starting point is to always remember to give thanks for what one has received.

“There is no "self-made man" in the Church, people who have made themselves. We are all indebted to God and to so many people. We often forget to say thank you. We are selfish.”

Pope Francis said just as God forgives everyone, so should everybody follow His example and forgive one another.

“When I was in another diocese, a priest told me in anguish that he went to give the last sacraments to an old woman. The poor lady was about to die and could not speak much. He asked her 'do you repent from all your sins?' The lady said, 'yes.' He then asked her 'do you forgive others?' but the lady, about to die, said 'no.' The priest was distressed. If you do not forgive, God will not forgive you.”

The pope explained that Jesus established a new commandment. He abolished the law “eye for an eye” which only feeds vengeance.

“Jesus introduces into human relationships the power of forgiveness. In life, not everything is resolved with justice. No. Evil knows how to carry out vengeance and if it is not interrupted it threatens to spread and suffocate the whole world.”

Pope Francis concluded his Audience with a piece of advice. He said to overcome revenge one must love more than one should in justice.