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Pope Francis ordains new priests: “Do not sully the Eucharist with petty interests”

On Sunday the pope ordained 19 priests from Italy, Japan, Peru and Haiti.

Pope Francis reflected very seriously on their mission in new the lives that they're entering into. He asked them to put God at the center of their work in order to avoid corrupting their priesthood.

"This is not a cultural association, it's not a trade union. You will be partakers in the ministry of Christ. Let your lives be a delightful fragrance for the faithful of Christ: men of prayer, men of sacrifice."

The pope asked them to be closely united to their bishops, their brother priests, and the people. He also advised them to pray with intensity and live out the Eucharist with faith.

"You can never give a homily or preach without much prayer or without the Bible in your hand. (now it sounds like the priest is preaching with a bible in his hand and not rather preparing with a bible in hand) The celebration of the Eucharist is the culmination of the Lord's free giving. Please do not sully it with petty interests.”

On that day the Church celebrated the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. The ordained priests belonged to different institutions within Church: eight from the priestly Fraternity of the Sons of the Cross, one from the Family of the Disciples, two from the Roman seminary and eight from the Neocatechumenal Way.