Peruvian family travels to Rome to see Pope Francis

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Millions of people travel to the Eternal City to see pope Francis each with their own particular story. This is case for this Peruvian family.

'It's our first time and we thought everything was so very nice. The General Audience with the Holy Father was very good and now we are on our way back home.'

The parents wanted their daughter, Areli, to experience a General Audience in St. Peter's Square. However, it was not as they had expected...

“I think because of her condition she hasn't had a very good time. She's been just looking around and still doesn't have that attachment to the pope. She knows who Jesus is, but she doesn't know any more than that.”

Areli prays with her mother and father every day, but in moments of anxiety, she turns to her father instinctively.

'It's a joy that I cannot put into words, it's so exciting to meet Pope Francis in person. The truth is that we have not been able to take a photo of him. This is because we did not position ourselves in the right place and many people were there. However, the experience has been very rewarding, exciting, and very beautiful.'

Overall for the parents it was not only to see the pope and the most historical city in the world, but to experience it with their daughter. It was a journey filled with a much emotion and which only a sensitive heart can perceive. 

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