New Vatican document on gender ideology: The "neuter" is a utopia

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The Vatican questions gender ideology in a new document for parents and educators. It's called 'Male and Female He created them. Toward a path of dialogue on the question of gender theory in education.' It was published by the Congregation for Catholic Education.

The document distinguishes between gender ideology, which seeks to impose itself as a single thought, and research that delves into how sexual difference is lived in cultures.

The Vatican criticizes the ideology, because it is not open to dialogue. It says that with honest investigations some outcomes are shared.

For example, the document recognizes the importance of fighting against any expression of unjust discrimination, even mentioning the Church's past failings.

It insists you cannot leave male or female identity in the hands of subjectivity.

The document says that presenting 'a society without sexual differences' is unrealistic and has no biological basis. It also warns that 'the utopia of the 'neuter'' destroys the concept of family. In a mother-father family children “learn how to recognize the value and beauty of the differences between the two sexes” leading to his or her understanding of his or her own identity. 

The text calls on Catholic educators and universities to be well-prepared in this field. Likewise it launches a call for governmental reflection.

It says that a democratic state cannot reduce the range of educational to a single school of thought, which is concerned on one hand with the fundamentals of human nature and on the other with natural rights of parents to freely choose any education that agrees with the dignity of the human person. 


Full text: here 

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