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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: “Everyone understands the language of affection and truth.”

When Pope Francis arrived to St. Peter's Square, thousands of people were waiting to greet him. He managed to wave to as many people as possible and blessed children whilst traveling around in the popemobile. 

He also blessed sick people who were brought to him. 

During the General Audience, the pope examined the meaning of the feast of Pentecost for the Apostles. 

He remembered how after receiving the Holy Spirit, the apostles overcame their fear, went out to preach the Gospel and everybody understood them.

“It is the language of truth and love, which is the universal language. Even the illiterate can understand it. The language of truth and love is understood by all. It is a language that everyone can understand. If you walk in truth, with truth in your heart, the truth and sincerity as well as with love then everyone will understand you. Even if you can't speak, they will understand you with a true and affectionate caress.”

Pope Francis also said the Holy Spirit continues to act in the Church and works in those who allow themselves to be helped by Him. 

“Only the Spirit of God has the power to humanize and fraternize each context, beginning with those who receive it.”

Pope Francis concluded the audience with a blessing. He invited Catholics to participate in the Corpus Christi processions through the streets of their cities taking place in the upcoming days.