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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis is presented with a website that promotes prayer

César Giraldo is responsible for the contents of the Colombian channel Tele VID. 

He travelled to Rome to participate in Pope Francis' meeting with delegates from the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network. 

The VID Foundation was responsible for designing and preparing the website “The Way of the Heart.” It is an itinerary specific to the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network.  

Head of contents for Tele VID
“We had been asked at Tele VID in the Marian Congregation, to produce an application and website in which people can enter and do "The Way of the Heart." It is a spiritual journey to learn how to pray and to live life as Jesus has taught us.”

The website is now online and can be accessed at www.caminodelcorazon.church 

The president of VID was able to explain this project to the pope during the meeting. Pope Francis encouraged them to continue with this initiative.  

Head of contents for Tele VID
“Today the director of the Foundation-organization VID could shake hands with him. It was a wonderful moment and very exciting to present 'The Way of the Heart' to the pope.”
“Pope Francis has told him to go ahead with this project as it will surely serve many people.”

At the moment the website is only available in Spanish. However, they are already working to translate it into three other languages so it reaches more people. 

Head of contents for Tele VID
“Later on we will be providing 'The Way of the Heart' in Italian, English, Portuguese. This is so more people around the world can use it.”

Now they will return to their country to work on developing more this new website. It is also available to download as an application.