Orange, Cali. inaugurates spectacular all-glass Christ Cathedral

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The last eight years have added up to this moment... 

Bishop of Diocese of Orange
“May the dedication of this cathedral contribute to the building up of the Body of Christ within the Diocese of Orange and the universal Church.”

The inauguration of the all-glass Christ Cathedral in Orange County, Cali. 

More than 3,000 people attended to witness the transformation of this 34-acre campus from a Protestant televangelist's center to a Catholic Church. The renovation cost $72.3 million. 

Inside the seven-story building, Bishop's Doors were installed, walnut pews, and marble floors. 

There are 11,000 glass panels lining the building, allowing natural light to illuminate the church, while an 1,000-pound crucifix suspends above the marble altar. 

The ancient practice of a reliquary house was installed below the altar. It contains nine relics, one of which is a relic of John Paul II's blood. 

 The cathedral's dedication was full of traditional rituals and sacramental signs. The bishop anointed the marble altar with holy oil. Then, incense was burned so every time they offer Mass, the sacrifice and all the prayers of the people will be offered to God. 

The dedication Mass was four hours long, but thus begins a new period for Catholics in California. With Disney Land just around the corner, the members of Orange County hope their Diocese can be a touristic point for anyone passing through.

The Cathedral joins all 62 parishes within Orange. For now, only weekend Masses will be celebrated, but they'll be offered in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Mandarin. 

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