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Andrea Tornielli shares upcoming goals for Vatican's Dicastery for Communication

It's the beginning of a new era of Vatican Communication. No longer divided into separate entities as before, now radio, print, television, and the Holy See Press Office are under one umbrella at the Vatican's Dicastery for Communication.

In December 2018, Andrea Tornielli was appointed Editorial Director for the Dicastery. Now, more than six months later, he's learned a lot and has hopes for where Vatican News will go.

Editorial Director, Dicastery of Communication
“I get to work with an exceptional team of colleagues. There are over 200 journalists here at Vatican Radio in 40 different newsrooms. Every day articles are published and radio programs are made in 35 different languages. Vatican News and Vatican Radio has 35 different web sites, which cover a good part of the languages around the world.”

In these languages, the pope's message is sent out around the world.

Yet, Tornielli says throughout his six months in the position, he's tried to improve the work done within these walls and think innovatively, as the media world continues to change. 

Editorial Director, Vatican News
“My job is to do more and better. To increase the journalistic quality of our work and continue to improve teamwork, synergy, helping one another.”

From there, he says the Dicastery for Communications has new projects on the horizon. However traditional media, including radio, still seem to be growing. 

Editorial Director, Vatican News
“Today the radio is still important. It is not a means of the past, but a means of the future. Even if now we have to change and be more online, make podcasts, and change the way of informing. ”

He hopes the integrated communication dicastery of the Catholic Church will continue to share the Gospel message and the words spoken by the pope.