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Pope in the Angelus: You can't be a hypocritical Christian

During the Angelus, the pope explained that Jesus proposes decisive choices in life, such as choosing to live according to the Gospel. He said this way of life implies abandoning any attitude of laziness, apathy, indifference or rejection and accepting the fire of God's love.

The witness of the Gospel has spread like a beneficial fire, overcoming any division among individuals, social categories, peoples and nations. The witness of the Gospel burns, burns any form of particularism and keeps charity open to all, with preference for the poorest and most excluded.

The pope assured this adherence to the Gospel means to adore God and to serve one's neighbor. This is how the Word of God can change the world by changing people's hearts.

In order to live according to the spirit of the Gospel it is necessary that, in the face of the ever new needs that appear in the world, there be disciples of Christ who know how to respond with new initiatives of charity.

However, above all, to live the Gospel, Pope Francis offered a recipe, coherence, because one cannot be a hypocritical Christian.

“It is about not living in a hypocritical way, but of being willing to pay the price of choices consistent.”

“It is good to call oneself a Christian. However, it is necessary, above all, to be a Christian in concrete situations, bearing witness to the Gospel which is, essentially, love for God and for one's brothers and sisters.”

For this reason, Pope Francis insisted Jesus calls Christians to be true disciples, so that they may spread the fire of God's love in the world.