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Rome Reports

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Asian pilgrimage in Rome: Pray for Hong Kong

This group of pilgrims are made up of lay faithful and seminarians from Macau and Hong Kong. They have come to Rome in order to deepen their faith and learn more about the history of Christianity. 

It was organized by “Touch” in collaboration with the Bishop of Macau. It is a Catholic youth organization from Asia that seeks to promote Eucharistic adoration. 

Before coming to Rome, they prepared their pilgrimage by studying the Acts of the Apostles. This was because it shows how Christianity began in Rome and what St. Peter as well as St. Paul did in the Eternal City. 

Seminarian in Macau

“To pray near the tombs of the apostles, St. Peter and St. Paul, all the martyrs and saints, our spiritual ancestors that teach us how to live the Christian life fully.”

One of the highlights of their pilgrimage was to see the Successor of St. Peter, Pope Francis. For them his message about reaching the peripheries of society means a lot. 

Seminarian in Macau

“We are also on the peripheries, but we also need to reach out to our spiritual peripheries; and to abandon our commodities, as well as ourselves, and reach out to more people so they, as well as ourselves, know God better and have a closer relationship with Him.”

Touch member (Hong Kong)

“He is the representative of Jesus in the Church now; and the head of all of us Catholics' in the whole world. So it is really amazing to meet him.”

Since some of the pilgrims are from Hong Kong during their time in Rome they have been frequently asked about the situation in their country. This is because recently there has been civil unrest there, after the government attempted to push a law that would allow detainees to be deported to mainland China, causing concerns over Hong Kong's autonomy. 

Touch member

“When we are here in Rome many citizens also ask us, 'What is the situation now in Hong Kong?' Even the bus drivers and people in the restaurants they ask us 'What is the situation now in Hong Kong? Do you have peace there?' I also urge everyone to pray for Hong Kong; and we really hope to obtain peace back in Hong Kong soon.”

 After a long pilgrimage in Rome, they hope people will return home knowing Jesus Christ better and realizing how the history of the Church can be traced back to Him.