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Vatican promotes the use of electric cars

According to the United Nations, traditional transport annually emits about eight gigatons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, a figure that could double by 2040 and accelerate climate change.

One state promoting initiatives to reduce air pollution is the smallest in the world, the Vatican.

They have already installed 12 charging towers for electric cars within the Vatican State.

Vatican Technical Director
“Following the spirit of papal encyclicals, the Vatican began to equip itself with electric cars. The Vatican has signed an agreement with Enel X to provide us with a network of electric charging columns.” 

At the end of the year, Roberto Mignucci, the Vatican's Technical Director, expects around 20 of these columns to be installed inside the state.

The 22 kW charging stations allow up to two cars to be recharged at the same time. Its use is simple. Present a card and connect the vehicle to the column.

Vatican Technical Director
"This is a very important initiative. It is the forerunner of a great project that includes the use of electric cars throughout the Vatican, only electric."

Thus, very soon Pope Francis could be riding in an electric popemobile, like the one he used on his trip to Colombia.

This initiative is a way to materialize the content popes have written about on care of the environment.

Vatican Technical Director
“John Paul II already referred to the care of creation, a message ratified by Pope Benedict XVI and, finishing with Laudato si'. We begin to combine all the works. We are covering everything at 360 degrees, not only concerned about pollution generated by cars, but also a whole series of systems with energy and water conservation, photovoltage, etc.”

For many, these initiatives in a territory of 108 acres does not represent a significant impact. However, like a small drop water in the middle of the ocean, the Vatican wants to be a pioneer among the countries of the world.

Translation: Melissa Butz