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Pope Francis to General Audience: Today's institutions will fail if God is not with them

Showering the pope with affection, a group of pilgrims threw foulards at the popemobile as it drove around. These bandanas were a sign of fondness for Pope Francis.

During the Audience, the pope spoke about the advice of the Pharisee Gamaliel in the Old Testament. Gamaliel proposed prudence before judging Jesus' followers. He said if the new doctrine did not have God's blessing, it would fail by itself.

Pope Francis said that this idea can be applied to know whether or not God is behind certain projects.

Everything that bears God's signature is destined to last. Human projects always fail. Think of today's empires. They will fail if God is not with them.

The pope gave the Church as an example. He said despite its scandals and the sins of its members, it is still standing.

Think of the history of Christianity and the Church, with its many sins and scandals. Why hasn't it fallen? Because God is there and we are sinners, no? We still provoke many scandals.

Regardless of its scandals, the pope recalled the martyrs that still give their lives today.

At the end, Pope Francis remembered that Saturday, Sept. 21, is World Alzheimer's Day.

It's a sickness that affects many men and women, who, because of this disease, are often the victims of violence and abuse.

For weeks, the pope has been reflecting on the Acts of the Apostles during his weekly catechesis. His objective is to explain how the early Church still has much to teach Christians today.

Translated: Rachel Dobrzynski