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Rome Reports

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Trip through Europe culminates in Rome

This group of Argentinian students is inspired by the words of Pope Francis, a pope from their own country.  

Before separating next year for college, the students made one final trip together through Europe.

“I think the best thing I saw was the Basilica of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona, because it was an enormous and beautiful creation of man that truly leads to God.”

“For us, it was a unique trip, one that's different than what we normally do. The goal was to come together and close out all the years we have spent together in school.”

They are students from the school of the Fraternity of St. Thomas Aquinas Groups, known as FASTA. It's a movement of laypeople, priests and the consecrated who promote the Second Vatican Council. 

We are teaching children to love God, love the Church, love family and to love the country. We are also teaching them that they are able and should be evangelizing other young people.

The students have culminated their pilgrimage in Rome. Here, they have become in touch with their roots and gotten closer to the pope. They said that it was an unforgettable experience and that it has helped them understand the Church in a more profound way.