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Rome Reports

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Pope in Angelus: "People are worth more than things and wealth they possess"

In front of this sea of umbrellas, Pope Francis asked a conversion from wealth into instruments of fraternity.

“Wealth can lead us to build walls, create divisions and discriminate. Jesus, on the other hand, invites His disciples to change course: "Become friends with wealth." It is an invitation to understand how to transform goods and wealth into relationships, because people are worth more than things and count more than the wealth they possess.”

During the Angelus, Pope Francis explained that defects and failures do not have the last word in life. He said, "Jesus assures us that we always have time to heal evil with good."

“Whoever has made someone cry, make someone happy. Whoever has cheated someone, donate to another in need. In doing so, we will be praised by the Lord because we have acted wisely, that is, with the wisdom of someone who recognizes himself as a child of God and seeks the Kingdom of Heaven.”

The pope recalled that Sept. 29 is World Day of Migrants and Refugees. He will celebrate a Mass in St. Peter's Square for them and invited the world to pray for them.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi
Translated: Melissa Butz