Committee for Human Fraternity to build church next to mosque and synagogue in Abu Dhabi

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This historical gesture between Pope Francis and the Great Sunni Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed el-Tayeb, is beginning to show concrete results.

The Higher Committee for Human Fraternity presented their first major project while in New York.

This initiative is a tribute to Abraham, whom Jews, Christians and Muslims see as a common father.

It's called the “Abrahamic Family House.” It's a complex that will integrate a church, mosque and synagogue, which for the first time will share a collective space for dialogue between the religions.

It was designed by architect Sir David Adjaye and seeks to deepen relationships between religions, as well as nurture the values of peaceful coexistence between thoughts, nationalities and cultures.

The church within the complex will be the second church in Abu Dhabi. In this country, of its 9,500,000 inhabitants, 10 percent are Christians.

The complex will maintain an independent structure for each religion, and will have a shared space for meetings.

The modern design is thought to be a lasting space for the future generations of Jewish, Catholics and Muslims. 

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