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An online tool to help men overcome pornography

“Strive” is a new course that seeks to help men overcome addiction to pornography. It is a 21-day online program that shows men the addiction's triggers, the effects it has on the brain and ultimately how to overcome it.  

Its creators discovered that despite there being a lot of information about the effects of pornography, there was not really any anonymous program men could sign up to.

Director of STRIVE
“We have thousands and thousands of men come through this 'Strive' 21.com challenge and the stories are all very similar. They started looking at pornography at a young age.”

“They can't stop. They really turn inward on themselves and become more and more isolated; their marriages and relationships are in shambles. It's so it's so critical for men to address this no matter what frequency they are looking at pornography.”

The online course each day offers step-by step guide to overcoming addiction to pornography through videos and challenges. 

So far parishes, dioceses and organizations have have ordered more than 150,000 access cards for the course. However, it is not only for Catholics: it has helped many men overcome this addiction as well as realize they are not alone in this struggle. 

Director of STRIVE
“One of the first things men see when they come in to 'Strive' is that they're not alone. They come into a community of thousands and thousands of men from all around the world struggling with the same thing.”

“We're hearing from men that this is the first time in their life they finally feel like they have their hands around this issue. 'Strive' is not a silver bullet, there's no quick fix to this problem. However, it truly does equip men with the tools they need to make the daily decision to live a life free from pornography.”

“Strive” was produced by Cardinal Studios a Philadelphia based ministry that uses media and technology to help transform peoples lives. They hope to continue in helping many more men across the world, fight this addiction and become the true men they are meant to be. 

Sean Richardson