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Cardinal Ouellet: I am skeptical about the idea of ordaining married men

Cardinal Ouellet recently published this book about priestly celibacy. In it, he furthers his position for the Amazon synod, where the proposal to ordain married men due to a shortage of priests in remote areas will be discussed. 

I am open to the debate, and I have given some substantial aspects, you know, to take care of in the debate.” 

In the book, he proposes facing the problems with a “pastoral creativity,” respecting Amazonian culture without sacrificing the fixed values of Christian tradition. 

Author, “Friends of the Bridegroom”
“I am not against, but skeptical of, the idea of ordaining married men, or “viri probati” to the priesthood. Firstly because there are no catechists or deacons in the Amazon. I believe we should propose these figures before discussing “viri probati” for communities in remote areas.” 

The cardinal assures that his book goes beyond the present moment; it recounts his more than 20 years working in the formation of priests. He says celibacy is an act of faith. 

Author, “Friends of the Bridegroom”
“One renounces one of the most beautiful values for man, to have a wife and form a family, in order to belong completely to Christ, to serve Him and to be a minister of His Word.” “This has unparalleled evangelizing potential. The Latin Church is more missionary than any other church because this reality that it lives, albeit not always perfectly, and transmits to cultures.” 

The book has been published in four languages and is a text that will help all kinds of people understand the priest’s role.