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Pope asks international community for “transparency” during Syrian crisis and prayers for Ecuador

Once again, the beloved and martyred Syria is in the news for the war they have been suffering for almost nine years. As many times before, the pope launched a strong appeal to the International Community. He called for transparency and a speedy resolution for the crisis in northern Syria, an area under attack by Turkish troops.

In these populations, there are also many Christian families. To all those involved, and the international community, please; I renew the appeal to engage with sincerity, honesty and transparency on the path of dialogue to find effective solutions.

The pilgrims in the square applauded these words by Pope Francis, who also remembered another international crisis in Ecuador.

I am following, with much concern, what has been happening in the past few weeks in that country. I entrust them to joint prayer and to the intercession of the new saints. I join in grieving for the dead, the wounded and those missing.

The pope encouraged seeking social peace in Ecuador and respect for human rights, especially those for the most vulnerable. 

Ángeles Conde
Melissa Butz