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Vatican asks technology giants to protect children on Internet

The Vatican asks the world's five technology giants to help protect children on the Internet.

Representatives from Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft will be in the Vatican this week for a meeting on child dignity, attended by organizations that help minors, experts, political and religious leaders.

During this press conference they explained the meeting. They said one of the most worrisome points is the effect pornography has on minors.

Child Dignity Alliance
“There are people that think: 'I watch it, but I don't hurt anyone.' You are completely wrong, because the images come from crimes and violence, and you participate in this, you help spread these things. Victims may commit suicide because these images continue to circulate the Internet.”

SOS Telefono Azzurro
“Each day we receive millions of warnings from children who are victims of networks of abuse and violence.”
“Unfortunately, the point is that the business model of the digital world allows for improper use of data. They can use it criminally, which makes children victims in which they cannot defend themselves.”

The pope will participate in the first congress session, as well as Queen Silvia of Sweden.

The idea is that educational measures and legal barriers are not enough. Technology giants must actively commit themselves to protecting children and eliminating this content or making it difficult to access.