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“Christmas Tree of Kindness,” app that promotes good deeds during Advent

With the arrival of Advent, the Christmas spirit is more and more noticeable. The mission of this app is to maintain kindness during this period. It's called, “Christmas Tree of Kindness,” an application designed by Canadians Beth and Daniel.

Whoever downloads the app will be able to decorate a tree. However, ornaments are only obtained by doing good deeds.

Actions can be personalized, or the user can follow the actions the app offers, such as smiling at someone, giving a compliment or saying thank you.

In the Premium version, the user has the option of inviting family and friends to decorate pine trees.

They thought of this idea 16 years ago, thanks to a family tradition they had with their children.

Creator of “Christmas Tree of Kindness”
“When our children were little, we began a special game. Each Christmas, we would use a construction paper, a tree and balls. Each year a friend would say that it is a great idea and that we should share it with others. We thought about that, and about 16 years went by. Finally, my husband and I agreed that it was time to do something.”

For Beth, the app is the perfect opportunity to create kindness in families, parishes and schools during Advent.

Creadora de “Christmas Tree of Kindness”
“Advent is the reason why this activity was started. Kind acts may be completed in honor of the birth of Jesus. We hope the use of this app will help keep the focus of the season on the birth of Jesus and the spirit of giving.”

The app, “Christmas Tree of Kindness,” is now available in English and has free and premium versions that can be downloaded in Apple and Android.

Carlos Kestler
Translated: Rachel Dobrzynski