Pope Francis: Losing the meaning of life is the most serious threat today

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Pope Francis did not fail to make his weekly appearance before pilgrims, despite his recent 13-and-a-half-hour flight. Not even his almost 83 years of age could keep him away. 

He landed in Rome on Tuesday evening, after his week-long trip to Thailand and Japan.

His voice a little hoarse, the pope told the crowd about his recent trip to Asia, where he promoted interreligious dialogue with Buddhism in Thailand. He also spoke about how he encouraged the fight against human trafficking and sexual tourism.

I encouraged efforts for peace between the different communities of the nation, so that economic development could benefit everyone, and for the healing of the wounds of exploitation, especially of women and minors.

Regarding Japan, the pope mentioned his call for an end to nuclear arms. In Hirsohima and Nagasaki, he greeted survivors of the tragedy.

To protect life, we need to love it. Today, the serious threat in more developed countries is to lose the meaning of living.

Before concluding, Pope Francis asked those present to pray for the terrible earthquake that hit Albania, leaving hundreds wounded and dozens dead. The pope remembered Albania being the first European country he had wanted to visit.

I am close to the victims. I pray for the dead, the wounded and their families. May the Lord bless these people I love so much.

He also said at the beginning of Advent, he will publish a letter for all believers about the significance of the Nativity scene. In fact, he announced his upcoming trip to Greccio, the town where St. Francis of Assisi started the tradition of setting up the Nativity scene.

Javier Romero
Translation: Claudia Torres

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