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Pope at Mass for Congolese community: pray for peace and forgiveness

Pope Francis celebrated the first Sunday of Advent with the Congolese Catholic Chaplaincy. The Congolese community in Rome marked its 25 anniversary at the Altar of the Chair in St. Peter's Basilica. 

During Mass, the pope spoke of the negative effects consumerism has on society.

“Consumerism is a virus that affects faith at the root, because it makes you believe that life depends on only by what you have, and so you forget about God coming to meet you and who's next to you.”

He also says people must remember that prayer and charity are the greatest gifts of this season.

“It's up to us to expose the deception that you are happy if you have many things, resist the dazzling lights of consumption, which will shine everywhere in this month, and believe that prayer and charity is not wasted time, but the greatest treasure.”

The Congolese showed their joy during Mass with this song and dance.

Pope Francis ended by praying for peace in their homeland of the Democratic Republic of Congo, asking them to give up their weapons and practice forgiveness.

Rachel Dobrzynski