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A third of food produced around the world ends up in the trash. However, it isn't only the food that's wasted, but all the processes and resources that go into producing it. That's why in 2016, the “Too Good To Go” movement was born in Denmark with the goal of finding solutions to this problem.

The initiative materialized with the app, also called “Too Good to Go.” The objective is to connect users to food-sale establishments that offer cheaper prices at the end of the day.

This pizzeria in Rome has already started using the app.

Pizzeria Vecchio Borgo
“We're happy not to throw food away. Here it's one of the primary initiatives. We already had other ways of not wasting food, so this app is helpful to that end.”

It's very easy to use. The app gives users a list of nearby establishments offering this service. The user chooses one, pays through the app and can go pick up the order at the time set by the establishment.

Pizzeria Vecchio Borgo
“This for me has always been an important point on which to work in any job. For example, when I worked with children, I would ask them to eat everything on their plate.”

The initiative recently won at the Tech5 Awards for being the European app with the highest potential. It is available in 13 countries and can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

Carlos Colomer
Translation: Claudia Torres

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